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A HealthCARING America: To Reframe and Reconcile Today’s ‘War of Healthcare Words'

HealthCARING is a NEW word coined to reveal an all-too-often overlooked behavior while offering a remedy to a larger problem in the same breath. It reframes the seemingly intractable problem—healthcare delivery reform—by defining a shortcut baseline that all can equally embrace to cue societal behavior and overcome competing self-interest.

Problem Statement: America’s healthcare anatomy is in constant dispute. What’s needed is to disarm ourselves, our opponents and the swirl of controversy that infects everyone’s behavior.

Answer: Join this Roll-out Team to spread healthcaring across America.

Healthcaring intertwines with an equally desirable aspiration, wellbeing to create a way forward through common language and mutual acceptance.

Caring in healthcaring is an implied behavior. What’s been missing is a caring way to improve healthcare as a whole, and until now, there hasn’t been a basis for reaching common understanding or agreement. This is because almost every American feels they’re already carrying too much healthcare-related baggage. And we are.

Character and virtue seem quaint words. They may even be old-fashioned, yet they’re central to healthcaring. In general, Americans see change as positive unless they’re the ones being forced to change. That’s also what makes a keystone behavioral definition so powerful. It brings about a change in behavior—consciously, unconsciously or in a blend of both and almost always with less resistance than other more conventional change tools.

Caring also implies kindness and a concern for others. Healthcaring centers on caring behaviors and not just from care givers or care giving to the sick, elderly and infirm. At a glance, this includes everyone else—providers, physicians, patients, payers, pharmaceuticals, PPOs, plaintiffs, politicians and the public.

Healthcaring is a redefinition. It provides a code of behavior to shift the centuries old Hippocratic Oath’s admonishment of, “First Do No Harm” with “First Care.”

The application of this baseline definition is an opening sortie toward shifting the U.S. national debate by reframing America’s health approach in a way that all competing parties and interests can equally embrace. The original Project Team—A Redefinition of Health and Healthcare —will support the launch of healthcaring. This team is ideal for free thinking examiners or highly pragmatic implementers.

Project Overview:

Opened: Nov 2nd, 2010
Updated: Apr 9th, 2012
Status: Active
Participants: 9

HealthCARING was coined and saved October, 2010 with an official birthing timed for April 13, 2012 at the Global Health & Humanitarian Summit, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

A project information table will be open April 13-15, 2012 at the GHH Summit in the Exhibitor Hall.

Seeking content reviewers of “HealthCARING, WellBEING: As Many, Together”—a GHH Summit collaborative 2012 Legacy eBook. Sign-up now!

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