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In a Nutshell

Sign-up now to become a reviewer of the 80 page HealthCARING | WellBEING: As Many, Together available in a choice of digital and ebook formats. Your contribution is sought for the development of the idea and language of healthcaring.

The final ebook will be both a separate publication—a legacy of the 2012 Global Health & Humanitarian Summit—and a section of a book. The content, with your help, will provide a lens into a new way of thinking and seeing, and then doing in a more healthcaring way to increase wellbeing.

We think this will be both fun and a fundamental step in improving American healthcare. Reviewer criticism will close Tuesday, May 29, 2012. For the enthusiast, we suggest a dual enrollment in the Roll-out Project Team.

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Push The Reset Button

America's healthcare anatomy is in constant dispute. What's missing is a mechanism to disarm ourselves, opponents and the swirl of controversy that infects everyone's behavior and language.

Caring in healthcare is an implied behavior. What's in short supply is widespread caring about healthcare as a whole. Until now, there hasn't been a suitcase way to cue this desired behavior. Why? Maybe it's because every American feels they're already loaded down by too much healthcare-related baggage. And we are. Possibly, it's a sense of self-interest, arms-length professionalism or even apathy.

Providers, physicians, patients, payers, pharmaceuticals, PPOs, policy planners, plaintiffs, politicians and the public all incessantly blame one or more of the other for the current shortfall in U.S. healthcare levels. Since everyone else is at fault, no one accepts responbilitity.

One answer is a call to character, virtue, and a greater concern for future consequences. That's healthcaring, which intertwines with an equally desirable aspiration, wellbeing to form the basis for the ebook.

An Agile Publishing Approach

The agile publishing approach we're using is the brainwave of Sourcebooks, Metro-Chicago's largest publisher. The shared goal is to build a community around the creation of not just a book, but the eventual use of its content. And to have that content steered by the feedback and ideas of a community of reviewers like you.

Sourcebooks has a detailed nine-part Terms of Service Agreement for a reviewer that also serves as our guide and terms as follows.

  • A reviewer attests that any content they provide is original and they waive any property and compensation rights.
  • A reviewer has no rights of approval or control over the content they submit.
  • "If your [reviewer] content is used in the work the [author of the book] will credit your content and contribution through appropriate credit or citation."
  • The author(s) of the book has the right, in his "sole discretion to edit, composite, morph, scan, duplicate, or alter the content in any manner for any purpose."
  • In any dispute all parties will defer to the referenced Sourcebooks' service agreement.

By submitting a registration, you confirm that you accepted the terms.

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