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eBook Review of HealthCARING | WellBEING

Members can join this project to participate as a reviewer of the 80–page HealthCARING | WellBEING: As Many, Together available in a choice of digital and ebook formats. Your contribution is sought for the development of the idea and language of healthcaring.

The final ebook will be both a separate publication—a legacy of the 2012 Global Health & Humanitarian Summit—and a section of a book. The content, with your help, will provide a lens into a new way of thinking and seeing, and then doing in a more healthcaring way to increase wellbeing.

We think this will be both fun and a fundamental step in improving American healthcare. Reviewer criticism will close Tuesday, May 29, 2012. More detail and terms...

For the enthusiast, we suggest a dual enrollment in the Roll-out Project Team.

Project Overview:

Opened: Apr 5th, 2012
Updated: May 3rd, 2012
Status: Active
Participants: 51

Seeking content reviewers of HealthCARING | WellBEING—a GHH Summit collaborative 2012 Legacy eBook.

"Become an eBook Reviewer" announcement featured in Atlanta Writers Club May, 2012 eQuill digital newsletter on page 10 of 38.

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Interest Areas:

  • Business
  • Civil Society
  • Educational
  • Environmental
  • Financial
  • Governmental
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Inequalities
  • Legal
  • Lifestyle
  • Personal
  • Relational
  • Services
  • Technical
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